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Empowered Latinas

Empowering, inspiring and connecting our Latinas since 2018

The Latina Power is a community that promotes female empowerment by creating events and experiences designed with an atmosphere of sisterhood, union, and motivation highlighting the unique strengths, challenges, and opportunities that women face during their personal and professional development.

“When women support each other, incredible things happen. In life, in business, in everything. It's magical when we stop pointing fingers and start opening our hands to one another, to link together, to raise each other up, to high five in support.” - Claudia Ayala.


Our Founder:
Claudia Ayala

Claudia Ayala is a very well known Latina businesswoman in the Houston community for dedicating herself for positively impacting and connecting other women through events and conferences focus on empowerment, leadership, and personal growth. She is the CEO of CA Marketing Connections, a boutique agency focused on branding, building community relations, networking events, strategic marketing campaigns, and visibility for brands and non-profits.

To connect with Claudia you can follow her on her Instagram account or email her:

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Our Conference:
The largest gathering for Latinas in Houston, Texas.


The Latina Power Conference

The annual Latina Power Conference takes place every September in Texas and is a unique gathering designed to unite, strengthen and uplift Latinas.


The conference is a valuable platform to gain insight from a diverse group of speakers, exchange stories, and connect with other amazing Latinas. With over 500 attendees, this full-day event provides an unforgettable experience that is focused on inspiring, educating, and empowering Latinas to reach their full potential and thrive in life.

"Latinas who are empowered have the ability to empower other Latinas."

Our philanthropy:
The Latina Power Fund

Our Fund Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of Latinas residing in underprivileged areas of Houston, Texas. To achieve this goal, we have introduced a comprehensive program that seeks to empower Latinas through a range of initiatives including skills training, entrepreneurship, psychosocial support, and job placement programs.

Through our program, we aim to provide Latinas with the tools they need to unlock their full potential and achieve self-sufficiency. We are confident that this initiative will help create brighter, happier futures for Latinas across Texas.

Our Revista
Magia Magazine


¡Viva la Magia! Magia Magazine es una revista impresa y plataforma digital de constante evolución dirigida por creativos y curadores de contenido que empodera, entretiene y eleva historias con impacto positivo.

Nuestra revista es parte de la Conferencia The Latina Power y tiene diferentes ediciones durante el año para mantener la conexión entre nuestros lectores.

Si quieres ser parte de la Magia, y anunciarte con nosotras, puedes escribir un email:

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