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Empowered Latinas, Stronger Communities

The Latina Power Fund is part of the Central Texas Community Foundation, a registered 501c3.


We are dedicated to empowering Latinas residing in underprivileged areas of Houston, Texas. With a strong focus on improving the lives of Latinas, we have developed a comprehensive program that aims to address the various challenges that they face.

One of the key objectives of our program is to empower Latinas through a range of initiatives. By offering skills training, entrepreneurship support, and psychosocial assistance.

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Empowering Latinas who face social and economics challenges

Our programs and initiatives are dedicated to supporting and empowering underserved latinas who face social or economic challenges. We strive to build pathways for healing, growth, and healthy self-esteem, with the goal of enhancing all areas of their lives.

Entrepreneurship Initiative

Entrepreneurship is a key component of our program. Recognizing the potential of Latina-owned businesses, we provide mentorship, business resources, and networking opportunities to help Latinas start and grow their own businesses.

Making a Quilt

Pro Bono
Legal Assitance

We’re committed to serving the less fortunate, so our professionals share their skills to create better access to quality advice and legal counsel (where possible)

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Behavioral Health
Counseling Program

We have established strong relationships with allied professionals who can provide support to Latinas on their journey of empowerment offering psychological, behavioral, and social guidance to help them achieve their goals.

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Workshops & Events

Our workshops provide a hands-on experience working alongside professionals in their respective fields to help support, social, and emotional needs and issues.


Our work is sustained through creativity, joy and an abundance mindset through The Latina Power Events.

Empowered Latinas are instrumental in transforming communities. By investing in their social and economic well-being, we can unleash their immense potential and bring about positive changes that will impact generations to come. Together, let us embark on this journey of empowerment and strive for a more equitable and thriving society for all.

The Latina Power Fund is a part of the Central Texas Community Foundation, a registered 501c3. The Latina Power Fund is fiscally supported by the CTCF. The EID#. is 43-2043188

All donations are administered by
The Central Texas Community Foundation

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